Kei Rush




Thank you for visiting my homepage where I hope to show that music is a living art and continuously evolving as our world changes.  I have already been blessed to create music in multiple genres as a result of meaningful encounters with those who have shaped me into “who I am” today.

My goal is to be recognized as a global community artist that looks forward to making new connections with others. In Japanese, we have the expression, “Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.” 「一期一会」which I believe music has helped me do even more.

It is the essence of music that can cross borders, ethnicity, nationality, social status and historical time. This undeniable realness that music delivers to all is something I am honored to say I can be a part of.

Please share your ideas for collaborative projects and/or have me as a guest performer for your event!

Check out the radio interview with the talented host Larry Burgher on The Saturday Light Brigade 

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